"From the first shipment of the day to the last, the latest proven technology is being used to

monitor your freight from pick up to timely delivery."

Communication Technology


Omnitracs (formerly Qualcomm)
Satellite Tracking and Messaging

Our entire fleet is Omnitracs equipped for real-time tracking and communication providing up-to-the-minute information.  We monitor all shipments 24/7/365 through our Front line service utilizing Omnitracs technology.

Transportation Management System

Tri-State’s transportation management system incorporates the latest tested and proven technology.  We can customize a TMS system that fits your needs.

TS track

Trace your shipments on-line.  Email cs@tstate.com, call (800) 821-6395 or visit https://tstrack.tstate.com to find out how to use this automatic option.

Automated Faxing/Automated Email

If fax or e-mail is more convenient for you, we will automatically fax or e-mail load and delivery information as it occurs.  To sign up, email cs@tstate.com

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Is EDI file format your preference?  We can meet you EDI needs for transaction sets 210, 214, 820, and 824.

Government Requirements

Power Track and Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA)
Our systems and applications are developed and maintained in-house to assure consistent uptime and ongoing improvements to meet the needs of our customers.
For additional information, call (800) 830-8737 or email mis@tstate.com