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"Tri-State is a 365 day operation with Dispatch available 24/7 including holidays."

Contact Us Anytime!  800.821.6395 or

Executive Leadership Team

Michael Lawrence,
800-821-6395 x1258 
Corey Crane, 
Chief Financial Officer
800-821-6395 x 1209
Korey Walper,
Chief Executive Officer
800-821-6395 x1204 
Chad Nicholls,
Chief Technology Officer
800-821-6395 x 1302

Executive Management Team

Jonathan Hunsaker,
VP of Operations & Sales Growth
800-821-6395 x1450
Cathy Lynch
VP of Managerial Operations
800-821-6395 x1211

Please call 800.821.6395 to reach any department

Dispatch/Operations: option 1 or 
Airfreight/Charters: option 2 or

Truckload dept: option 3 or

Customer Service/Tracking: option 4  or

Laredo office: option 5 or

Accounting dept: option 6 or

Safety/Recruiting: option 7 or or

Sales dept:  option 8 or

Truck Shop: option 9 or

HR dept: option 0 or

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