Meet the Team


Greg Hermes

Senior Recruiter

800-367-1692, Opt. 2 x1268

Gregory Hermes, not a whole lot to say about this Gentleman. His personality is rooted in his upbringing by loving southern parents and their ways and a solid Christian education. From the time he spent at St. John’s Jesuit school in Toledo. He has a well-rounded education and sense of how to finish what you start.  The school has a motto, and it is, “Men for others”, and those who work with him understand this very quickly. Along with graduating from The Ohio State University with a Liberal Arts Degree in Sociology, further solidifying a well-rounded education.


When you first get the chance to work with him professionally you will be quick to see his work ethics. He has a saying, “slow down to go faster”, which allows him to be effective in getting the job done right. He is like the duck swimming around the pond effortlessly, but underneath the water his feet are going 100 miles per hour. Ask him to do you a favor or a task and the answer will always be YES, before he ever knows what it will be.  Since he started at Tri-State back in 1993 he has a proven record of helping our great contractors find their careers and working with our other departments and employees to accomplish whatever the goals may be. Recruiting for him is plain and simple, treat everyone with respect and never stop learning.       

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Sheri Dempsey


800-367-1692, Opt. 2 x1436

Sheri is one of the friendliest and most honest people you will ever meet and you can tell that she is passionate about what she does each day here with your first interaction with her!  She came to us with well over a decade of experience.  She started her career in transportation as an independent agent, which meant she did it all from securing the owner operators and the freight to dispatching and tracking the drivers.  Her work ethic, positive attitude and success was quickly recognized by a small trucking company who brought her on in 2014 to build their brand by creating a website and advertise on social media while recruiting, and managing a fleet of 30 trucks along with the team.  It was during this time that Sheri was introduced to Tri-State Expedited Services, Inc. as the company had trucks contracted with us.   


As luck would have it, Sheri is now a vital part of the our team.  Sheri continues to work on the social media campaign for our company as well as advertising to recruit drivers that she personally invests in by guiding them on how to climb the virtual ladder of trucking.  She has been very successful in finding great company drivers as well as contract and Owner Operators. Sheri finds the positive in every situation and will soon have you understanding that is key to your success as well.


Briana princehorn

Recruiting Assistant

800-367-1692, Opt. 2 x1322

Briana is a very outgoing person. She is always going out of her way to help someone. Although, being newer to the transportation world, she makes sure she is constantly learning the ropes! Bri has always worked in customer service, so she enjoys working with others. There isn’t a time that there isn’t a smile on her face. Briana is a very personable person who makes you feel like a long-time friend within minutes of meeting.

When you get to work with Briana, you’ll quickly realize her strong work ethic. She’s always on the hunt for new drivers to add to the Tri-State family. She always wants you to feel welcomed and an important key to our team!


Melissa combs

Recruiting Manager

800-367-1692, Opt. 2 x1263

Although new to the Transportation industry, Melissa came to us with over 30 years in various areas of Administration.  Eight of her most recent years were spent in the Recruiting arena.  Developing processes is her niche’ and she is a lover of spreadsheets, tracking, and creating data that matters.  

Melissa loves to meet new people and has the type of personality that makes you feel like you have always known her.  She has a warm and inviting nature, but what really shines is her good sense of humor!  Melissa is serious about her job, but she loves to have a good time while doing it.  

As a manager, Melissa treats her team with respect and works hard to ensure that her team is always learning, all while making the days in her department enjoyable.  She is thankful for the knowledge of her team and has learned so much from them.